Friday, 14 January 2011

Computer Games

I spend alot of my time playing computer games these days, reminiscent of times I would make dens, have pretend wars with all the others my age, and run around the fields with sticks and home made bows and arrows. Instead I sit in my room. I have my computer, my TV and Xbox and my bed. that's about all I do. On Thursdays and Fridays at least. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are spent studying carpentry at college in the nearby town where I work my ass off not learning as I'm way ahead of my class. But rather doing jobs for the head of department. The sort of stuff I could get payed £6.50 an hour for in a factory

Weekends are usually spent socialising. Or atempting too in this god forsaken village. I have little friends who live here. All of my other friends are sat at at least a 15 mile radius away... I just need to get this baby on the road. Then I'm sorted. free.

But until then I can only go places in the virtual world. Computer games give a sense of freedom that I long for. The nearest bus that goes by my village is a miles walk. I have to get it occasionally but it SUCKS. So, well. For now. I will get back to this....


  1. I got you man.
    Had the same shit a while back. Now im cool. It`ll work out for you too. Just keep up the head.

  2. Nice!
    Anyways, cool blog, I'll follow and support :)

  3. wheres the bottom screenshot from?