Monday, 17 January 2011


My college is pretty good. I enjoy it. It's situated just outside the nearest town to my village so its a bit of a trek. (Literally sometimes). My course is advanced carpentry. This is covered in two basic sections. Bench and site.

Bench work is precision. making chairs, tables, furniture, decorations etc
For example chair frames. each piece has to be perfectly crafted to fit together. It's skilled work and I enjoy it very much.

Unfortunately we don't get to do much of this at college yet. Hopefully in months to come I will be able to make things like this.
This is an example of site work. This sort of roofing is constructed on site. Hence the name.

We do a lot of this at college. I enjoy it as it involves climbing around and solving problems with a group. Making large pieces like this requires a good mentality and a practical mind. Things like this can really challenge me.

Bench work is probably my favourite. There is a lot more creativity and freedom.

Friday, 14 January 2011


It was my friend Dave's 21st birthday today and we went bowling. Just got back. I had loads of fun. Won one game and played on the arcade games much more than I should have and drank much more than I should have. One funny thing that happened was when I went to the gumball machine and payed 20p for a delicious sphere of sugar, my friend promptly and on que noticed the hole someone had melted in the back of the machine with a ligher. we went on to tip the gumball machine slightly and fill our pockets with gumballs. Im eating one now! HAHA!

Computer Games

I spend alot of my time playing computer games these days, reminiscent of times I would make dens, have pretend wars with all the others my age, and run around the fields with sticks and home made bows and arrows. Instead I sit in my room. I have my computer, my TV and Xbox and my bed. that's about all I do. On Thursdays and Fridays at least. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are spent studying carpentry at college in the nearby town where I work my ass off not learning as I'm way ahead of my class. But rather doing jobs for the head of department. The sort of stuff I could get payed £6.50 an hour for in a factory

Weekends are usually spent socialising. Or atempting too in this god forsaken village. I have little friends who live here. All of my other friends are sat at at least a 15 mile radius away... I just need to get this baby on the road. Then I'm sorted. free.

But until then I can only go places in the virtual world. Computer games give a sense of freedom that I long for. The nearest bus that goes by my village is a miles walk. I have to get it occasionally but it SUCKS. So, well. For now. I will get back to this....

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Takes a crane

Welcome to Usually takes a crane. Don't let the name mislead you. On this Blog I will be reviewing and showing off some of my favourite artists and tunes. Along with interesting posts and an insight into everything.